Mike performs regularly with LA's We The Folk, tours regularly with Vancouver's The Whiskeydicks, tours occasionally with Vivace, and writes and performs with The Living and the Plastic Acid Orchestra. He is also available for hire as a singer, pianist, and guitarist for live shows, recording, and touring. Scroll down for more information on each group.

The Living

The Living - Exotic Symphonic Rock

Lead Singer - Guitarist - Keyboardist - Composer - Arranger

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The Whiskeydicks

The Whiskeydicks - Celtic Gypsy Party Rock

Lead Singer - Guitarist

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We The Folk

We The Folk - Latin-Klezmer-Folk

Keyboardist - Singer - Accordionist - Percussionist - Guitarist

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Plastic Acid Orchestra

Plastic Acid Orchestra - Symphony Orchestra with a Modern Edge

Pianist – Composer - Arranger

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Vivace - Classical Crossover/Popera

Touring Pianist - Arranger

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